"If I can't go to Las Vegas Nevada, neither can y'all!" Unruly woman removed from Spirit flight

Safira Allen decided if she couldn’t go to Las Vegas, then none of the other passengers on her flight were going either. Her original Spirit fight from Atlanta to Las Vegas, which she had a boarding pass for, closed the doors 20 minutes early. She then ran to another Spirit flight to Vegas, and got on.

Gate agent Lauren Phillips told police she was boarding passengers when Allen ran past the gate, through the boarding ramp and onto a flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on May 1. The agent and the captain approached Allen, who had taken a seat, and asked her to deplane because she had boarded without permission. She refused the flight crew’s request and began using her cellphone to document her experience on Facebook Live.

The video shows Allen visibly upset, yelling at crew members and passengers. At first, she refuses to leave her seat, saying, “After you made me miss my flight because you closed your gate early, I’m not getting off. You’re going to have to call the people.” She unbuckles her seat belt, stands and turns to address fellow passengers to announce, “If I can’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, neither can y’all!”

A voice on the PA system (likely a flight attendant or the pilot) interrupts Allen to ask all passengers to deplane. At this point, passengers are now very mad at her. “Are you kidding me?!” A voice from the rear of the plane shouts. “Congratulations,” another passenger says on her way off the plane, “You’re the donkey of the day.”

She continues to record herself heckling the passengers. She tells some people they are going to hell. Saying “Hell is that way,” as she gestures toward the exit. After the plane empties, Allen approaches the pilots and a flight attendant. She tells one of the pilots, likely the co-pilot “you can’t even fly the plane you just let him sit over there and do all the work” and then proceeds to tell him he has “short man syndrome”. She dashes toward the cockpit, saying “I’ll drive the plane for you.”, but she’s blocked from going in. Allen is eventually escorted off the plane by an Atlanta police supervisor, and a Spirit representative.

I think that this is both her fault and both Spirit’s fault. Spirit’s boarding policy states: “Please be available for boarding at the gate at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled domestic departure and 30 minutes prior to your international departure or you may lose your reservation.” If what she said is true about the gate closing 20 minutes before departure instead of 15, she was wrongly denied from her original flight.
But, of course it’s her fault for running straight on another plane she didn’t have a reservation on, and being just blatantly stupid. She could’ve just gone to customer service and fixed the issue the right way!


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Ok, that is just ridiculous. If she missed her flight, she could calmly talk to someone about it. Not go onto another plane and cause a problem for everyone who were minding their own businesses.

Before watching her video: I will say closing the doors 20 minutes early is odd and in this case may not be the woman’s fault. She was only supposed to be there 15 minutes early not 20. I’m not saying anything she did was right but she does have a certain valid point in that they left before she expected them too.
On the other hand, everything after that is just asinine behavior on the part of a stubborn pax. She should have been handcuffed and walked off in prisoner style. Kudos to Spirit and their employees for handling this the way they did and not causing any injuries.

After watching her video: Man…I feel so bad for the passengers on this flight. Not only did this woman delay them, but now she made 150 enemies. Also did anyone catch the “race” reference at the end? Very subtle 🙄. Amazing job by the officer getting her off the flight and kudos to the flight crew who remained calm. Amazing job overall by Spirit. Not only did they keep their calm but nothing escalated past this own idiotic passengers tirade. Possible new respect for Spirit after this.


I just hope similar shenanigans don’t happen on anyone’s way to Vegas for Flightsimexpo…


Good for her. Don’t let things such as “laws” or “FAA regulations” or “company policy” keep you form boarding an airplane.


Livestreams incriminating evidence online


She: “Hell’s that way!” points to exit

Me: “Gee, seems like only the devil would know which way hell is.”


The average melrnial live streams everything

Why does she look exactly like someone whom you would expect to do this?


When I opened the video was it bad I wasn’t in the least bit surprised by what she looked like?

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No, cause I thought the same thing. 😂

I honestly don’t know what to say about this. When you miss your flight, you go and ask politely for another flight. It really isn’t that uncommon if a thing to do. What you don’t do is run over to another plane and board that one illegally like some retard. This person was probably raised thinking you can get anything and everything you want without question. Now, she’s in the real world and is being denied what she wants. Either that, or she has something wrong with her that makes her incredibly selfish and rude. It’s one thing to board a plane without permission. It’s another thing to refuse to leave after doing such. It’s another thing to inconvenience everyone else. I sincerely hope this person learns from their actions.


Wait you mean I’m not supposed to jprun over and displace 150+ passengers just so I can get somewhere? You’re crazy man. Clearly you’ve never flown…but for reals I hear what you’re saying. Crazy passengers out there.

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Her big complaint came from the fact that if you miss your flight on Spirit, its an additional $100 charge per person for the new ticket. I think thats what made her so mad.

Not defending her actions though, its juts not as simple to get another flight on Spirit as it is other carriers.

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I admit, i would be pretty ticked if i had to pay an extra $100. We all have bad days, but that doesn’t mean we have to ruin everyone else’s day.

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So true! It was completely selfish and uncalled for.

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Seriously Spirit u had to make a passenger mad, this is rediculous, this is why I don’t like and fly spirit because they are almost bad

What!!! How dare they remove her from this flight. She was com…ppppffffffff compl… ppfffffff competely in the right the whole AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH xD xD xD xD xD xD xD. I could not understand anything that she said. This is beyond idiotic, and I commend the pilots and cabin crew for how well they handled this situation. They really did a good job of staying calm and did the appropriate actions. Well done Spirit, well done! Except for denying her boarding on her flight when she was early, that was kinda messed up

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How can you blame Spirit for this situation. It’s not Spirit’s fault that this passenger is a complete and utter moron.

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