If I can't find out a way to speed up my fps I will yeet my phone off a bridge

Hey family. I need your help with my phone. I have all graphics on low, no anti lasting. And plane count is medium. Can somebody help me? A PHONE IS ON THE LINE.


Apple or Android?

Android . LG k51

Mobile Phones: Android Galaxy Phones

…probably need a newer device, I am in the same boat with a 2017 iPad… :(

The bridge isn’t getting it though…

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This phone is brand new…

Maybe disable apps running in the background could work?

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I’m not sure then - wait for one of the wonderful support staff to assist you. It shouldn’t take long. They are great :)

Hmmmm… Let’s see…

Also, since you mentioned that you were on android, following these steps might work.


The general requirements for an Android device would be having OS of Android 6 (Android Marshmallow) or higher. Also a RAM of 2GB or more.

Now from a personal point of reference, I would say to:
★ Keep brightness of the device at low to prevent overheating.
★ Making sure that there are no apps running in the background.
★ Clearing the device cache.
★ Making sure that you have enough storage remaining on your device.
★ Keeping airplane count at low or none.

To see if it varies,

  1. Fly with ‘Limit Frame Rate’ turned on and see if there are any changes.
  2. Fly with ‘Limit Frame Rate’ turned off and see of there are any changes.

Let us know the status! ;)

Still got the same results…

Unfortunately you simply won’t get better performance out of the device. It’s not a powerful phone by any standards (the powerVR GPU alone is a strong indication of that). If you’re still getting poor performance with all the graphics turned down, you aren’t going to get anything better. Vulkan may offer a performance uplift for some devices, but I doubt you’ll get anything else out of this phone.

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Vulcan? How do I install that?

Metal (iOS) and Vulkan (Andriod) is, so to speak, a complete rebuild of Infinite Flight’s code. It’s not available yet. You can, however, read the blog post I’ve linked below to learn more.

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