If I called shotgun on a plane (joke point of view, not serious)

Would it work? Free upgrade?


You’d probably be removed for shouting “shotgun” on a plane.


You would probably be escorted off by police and be viewed by millions on You Tube on a video called , " Nutter calls shotgun on aircraft and get tasered and removed by police SWAT team."

But in all serious this would not work !


Or stared down by a few confused passengers

Saying it once… No big deal. You may get a few stares.

Saying it over and over because nobody reacted to you… You might cause a stir which may involve being bumped from the flight or every single passenger needing to be re-screened.

I would like to know how it could possibly result in an upgrade?

How does the rules of shotgun apply when there are four or five seats in a row. Which seat are you claiming per the rules?


If somebody calls hijack I’d just say hi john. Lol


It’s just a joke, don’t need to explain

If you did you’d better make the most of it because your gonna be in jail lol

I dont think the hidden TSA agent would appreciate it…lol

Why don’t you just try it instead asking this?

Because it’s a joke, and I don’t want to get arrested at 13 years old so yeah

I don’t get the point of this topic…


So you know the consequences, then why would you ask this…

Because it’s a joke and I wanted to see the community’s opinion,

Hidden TSA? Do you mean Air Marshals?

I’m guessing many non Americans or Canadians on this board have no idea what “calling shotgun” is.