If I buy a one month subscription do I keep the planes after the one month is up

I am not interested in global I just want the planes.

No. You’ll loose access to the Pro-Planes again when the subscription expires, sorry.

Let me just give you a little explanation as I realized my answer is a little short:

The costs of running Global are very high. Streaming terrain, server maintenance, staff, … The old in-app purchase model would probably not have covered those expenses anymore. In addition, as the planes get more and more advanced, the costs of development increase as well. To help cover those expenses, we got the pro subscription that allows us to use all those great products. And if we don’t want to use it anymore, we cancel the subscription. But it’s a whole-in-one package.

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Every month the subscription renewes if you get a 1 month subscription unless you cancel it. Once canceld you don’t keep the plains.

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