IF HUD display

Can consideration be given in the next update or in the future to upgrading the HUD information.

Suggestions of changes :

  1. Speed tape and altitude tape show AP values.

  2. Show AP mode selections

  3. Remove or relocate OAT display replace with AP
    speed selected as mentioned in line 1. above.

Regards to this topic, the HUD isn’t really spot on, especially in replay mode, where it shows GS and what not, something about it isn’t right.

I know its not " spot on" as you describe it
thats why I asking if it can be “improved” slightly
i not concerned with replay , but during the flight
Do you think improving it is a bad idea ?🤔


Not a bad idea

I think they were talking about this on one of the live streams. I remember Laura saying they were looking at it for some aircraft 🤔