IF Hotfix Update for Android

I’m just wondering, did they included the VNAV crashing problem with this?Screenshot_20200928-190843

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Sorry I didn’t Understand your question at first. Check the update description

20.01.02 Hotfix: Fixed crashes and various other issues.

Ok, then probably check the game to see if it did get fixed. Or @schyllberg might know the answer to this.

The issue with the VNAV altitude changes won’t be fixed until 20.2 the next main update.

Hey @SouljaFlight!

This is a known issue. Developers have noted it and it seems to be fixed. You shouldn’t have this problem once we see the release of 20.2. :)

Happy flying!

This is from the topic previously

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Ok, I’ve got it now. I’m gonna check if it works after I arrive at home, and I’ll let you guys know.

The issue with VNAV crashing whilst changing altitudes was reported after 20.01.02 was released.

Since that time the developer’s have found and fixed the issue, and the fix will be pushed with the next update which will be 20.2, you made a previous topic about a week ago, where you were provided with a answer then, that the VNAV fix will be available in 20.2

In the meantime whilst waiting for 20.2 it’s recommended to make any altitude changes whilst on the ground for example at your gate, not during flight to prevent the game crashing.


Ok, I always be on ground when inputting VNAV altitudes.

Ok, the sim doesn’t crashes anymore so, were good.

when is the next main update

Infinite Flight doesn’t provide release dates. This is due to any unforseeable issues that may arise before a release, meaning the update may have to be pulled.

ok thank you

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