IF hates criticism

It seems to me that a culture has been created to shoot down any criticism towards the simulator or how long the updates take. A company must take criticism from its consumers into account and not shun them. It seems that any negative comments regarding how slow the update is taking, is immediately blocked by moderators. Why is this the case? I understand it is in the community guidelines to block speculation, but I am not speculating anything! I am upset at how long it is taking to push an update that has been talked about for months! How will a company thrive if they are not able to bear complaints. Most well managed companies make it a point to please upset customers who have a problem with the product and go out of their way to do so. This is due to the fact that if the problem is resolved, the consumer will be more pleased with the company than if nothing had gone wrong in the first place. This blocking of criticism is like a politician shunning media for asking a question they don’t like or a bit difficult to answer. How else are you supposed to keep them accountable? We pay a monthly subscription fee for this content and if I do not like something about it, I have a right to complain, I am a paying customer. This is similar to customers food at a restaurant taking and hour and half to be ready, you have a right to be upset you are a paying customer who should get their product in a timely manner. If you are unable to deliver the correct product in a timely manner this is a problem with your staff, hire more developers. We are paying customers who deserve to be heard when the product is not coming in a timely manner. Not to be shunned by moderators because our comment did not refer to IF in the highest regards. I love infinite flight but with all things I love, I hold them to the highest standard you should too.


The Devs already get enough hate in the Instagram comments sections. This isn’t another place they should be getting hate…

I am not hating on them, I am expecting more of them. When you know a child is gifted you push them to the highest standard possible


That child example you’ve given is plain wrong.

I never said you are hating on them. Be more patient aswell as the update will be awesome when it comes out

So it seems to me that there are 3 key issues you are bringing up here:

1) Updates are ‘slow’
2) You aren’t getting your product in a timely manner
3) You cannot share negative comments on the IFC

Let me address these clearly one by one. I will try to shine a light on the choices and decisions behind some of the issues you have brought to light so that we can reach a middle ground where we understand you, and you understand us as a company.

1) Updates are 'slow'

What is ‘slow’? Is there a set time for how long an update should take? Would rough ETAs help quell this? All good questions and rest assured they are questions we ask every release cycle.

The specific answer to what is slow is entirely relative. If you have more features, you have a longer release cycle. If you have a more complicated set of features, you have a longer release cycle.

This is the case for 20.1 compared to any other update in the last few years. The multilayered complexity of all the features is immense. We give as much of an insight into this as possible by our development timeline and WIP shots on social media. Our team works day in day out to brings these as quickly as possible.

A faster release cycle is in our interests as much as it is is for the community and our user-base. We can always improve, and we do where able. When the full feature list for 20.1 is released with the update, you will hopefully see just how widespread and extensive the new features and changes truly are.

2) You aren't getting your product in a timely manner

Much of the last answer applies here. However, there is a very key thing to remember here. A software product like ours is already released. We have a fully working all the bells and whistles galore packed public version right now, one that is merely 6 months old.

It is unlike the analogy of a restaurant you noted. There, you do not have anything until the food arrives. We are bringing an entire host of new things, at no extra cost. Imagine it like a buffet, not so much just a meal!

All in all, an update is just that, an update. It is not a new product.

You cannot share negative comments on the IFC

Negative comments and constructive feedback are two very different things. If there is constructive feedback, we absolutely listen to it. A few examples recently of community feedback leading to changes are:

  • Changes to the A350 engine polygon counts
  • Changes to the B772 windows
  • Changes to the size of the RR800 engines on the B772
  • Changes to the spoiler set up on the B772
  • Changes to the window setup on the B772

This is very useful feedback, and at any time we will listen to it and make the changes where able.

Simple negative comments, however, are not things we can take practical steps to work with. A complaint about update times, as an example, cannot change how long it takes to bring new features. We can, and do, respond to these issues as I have done here for you, but simple negativity does no favours to anyone.

Additionally, this is the Infinite Flight forum. You are free to provide constructive feedback as noted but allowing a culture of negative to develop is unfavourable and goes against what the IFC is; a hub for positive and constructive discussions of ideas and opinions of the Infinite Flight App.


This is very hard cause you can have the update ready but then a tiny bug comes in and ruins and the devs have to go back and fix this which will take some time. Yeah I understand your frustration @kingk but you need to understand the hard work that is going into this development and you need to be patient about all of the technical difficulties that come and go.

There is one thing I really don’t like, people who shut down any criticism by saying “it is a mobile sim” (so you should be happy with everything) no, the times of bad devices are over. My iPad runs a shooter game with 100 people in one map on 120 FPS, so an iPad can run big things. (Yes I understand the lower end devices may have problems).
P.S. I know the devs work hard on using the devices as best as they can. Just saying that the argument it’s a mobile sim is not good and doesn’t say anything.

Imagine if the devs say it, that would mean they can sit back and relax, because yeah it’s only a mobile sim lmao


I think you are overreacting a bit…
You also joined recently so I think you just need to see how it goes and not taking conclusions fast.
It is right that 20.1 takes a bit more time than normal but most people are just waiting patiently and I think you should too, instead of criticising the time it takes.
It also doesn’t matter that you’re a paying customer because we all are…
You wanted your sub just to fly the planes that are now in the game and not the future ones…

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This is both true, and also not quite the state of affairs. The vast majority of people don’t actually have extremely powerful devices. If everyone has the lastest iPad Pro that would be awesome, however we have to cater for older devices as much as we do newer ones.


Definetly true! But with more and more powerful devices more and more features will be possible. And when everyone would say “it is a mobile sim so…” that would mean no pressure to improve, and not using the on average increasing power of devices


MC said all required details …
Though it’s delaying we get an awesoem I’m sure…!!! 😍
MC along with all others r trying their best to gt the update as realistic as possible…
If u feel something that has to be specifically pointed out it’s always best to approach a mod or any regulars who can point it out to Dev’s rather than making a huge post and potentially leading to chaos and things…😊
They r always there Chris and Deer crusher …😍😊


I guess the only thing I have to say you your statement above. Just be lucky there is going to be an update. There doesn’t have to be an update at all.

You also have the chance to voice your opinion where it won’t go unheard even if there’s no response back.

When I joined If many years ago when it wasn’t even in global i didn’t even know if there would be any updates and until global came about I knew the developers were really keen to take this to another level and that’s how I found the IFC.

I would like to ask you the following question:

  • Have a release date that came on time but the update was really buggy and unusable.
  • Or you have no idea when the update is coming and have an amazing surprise it’s here and there’s hardly any bugs at all.

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I know which one I would pick.


It doesn’t have to have bugs, and it is definetly possible, other games also have release dates and update dates. But a big problem for IF is Apple

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Correct it doesn’t wich is why things are taking much longer especially with what’s coming. With the poll I just did it’s evident to wich choice people want.

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Here’s the thing, The devs are implementing SIDS/STARS. That is a huge update seeing as we’re all going to use it for years. On top of that we also have a rework of possibly an entire fleet of airplanes. On top of that, this sim has tons of airports, it’s going to take a while to have diagrams on your mini-map or animated cockpit which is already hard to program itself. I don’t even think that the Class Charlie and under airports are gonna have diagrams until the winter dude. Additionally, center is being added back. It’s not only the features but the bug patches, the constant glitches and crashes. This update is going to wow us with new information and possibly make an addition to IFATC rules. I say that the devs are pretty booked out and stressed. They want to see this update go smoothly and it doesn’t help if you rush them. After this update comes they’re most likely going to be starting on plane changes and they’re going to be reoptimizing the sim so that phones don’t overheat or crash because I guarantee you that this update is going to bring glitches. These people are probably working from home too!


On a small platform we r devloping many big things liek
B772 with mang new features
ATC centre
Airspace modification
Oceanic tracks
SiDs and stars there many of em
So a release date is difficult sir as they have to be tested precisely…
They will make it happen I trust them and so do u have to sir …
MC and Team are awesome 😍😍


Yeah, 20.1 is such a complicated update that if they were to push it to Apple and Google now - which I am sure they technically could if they wanted to (which they don’t) - it would have so many bugs that it would be unusable in some aspects. That poll above is perfectly explanation for why it isn’t here yet.

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I personally don’t think we need to say anything else here as quite honestly they are doing their level best and the question has been answered.


Gliding is there so y worry yaalll 😊😊

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