IF Has 744 Aircraft & Livery Combinations!

Infinite Flight keeps getting better and better.
2019 has been a great year in terms of updates.

Much has been said about the new aircraft, the live instruments and the new UI.
What always surprises me though, is the amount of liveries that is now available in this great mobile simulator.

At the moment there are 744 aircraft & livery combinations!

That is incredible!
Not many people are aware of this.

There are now 60 aircraft in Infinite Flight.

All aircraft and liveries, along with other useful aircraft data, can be found in the database I’m maintaining. For more information see this topic.

Just try to imagine the amount of work that has gone into creating all of the content that’s currently available in Infinite Flight!

It’s huge!

So again, kudos to Infinite Flight LLC and everyone else contributing to this extraordinary flight sim.

I can’t wait to find out what 2020 will bring.
I just renewed my Infinite Flight Pro for another year, so I am ready!!


Me sticking to the same 2 planes and one livery


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