IF has 679 Aircraft & Livery Combinations! (I've created a database)


It’d be nice to have a ‘sort by’ feature in IF, like you have on your site.


I’ve added 205 of the 640 aircraft registrations to the database.
435 to go!


318 registrations added to the database. Almost half way there.


OK! Done!
All regs are in the database!


Nicely done. I had started a spreadsheet for myself some time ago with aspirations of looking up the registrations RL counterparts. I was inspired after finding out what happened to our Fly540 Caravan. I haven’t gotten very far.

I’ve also been cataloging some suggested routes for mostly the lesser-known and used liveries. That is pretty slow going also. I didn’t realize there were 600+ combos! This might take a while.


I’ve added the following data for nearly each aircraft to the database:

  • cruise speed
  • ceiling
  • flap limits


I’ve created a separate topic about the databases I’m working on.


Hey! Very nice site. Will be helpful!


Hello there, you seem to be good at collecting data.

I’ll speak to you in pm, I could use your help.


Because of the 18.6 release of Infinite Flight, the number of aircraft and livery combinations has gone up to 679!!

This is so cool!!

Check out the database to see all of them.


You’re missing the Southwest Heart B738.


That is a LOT of combinations, i mean wow!


Found the issue. Will correct it soon.
Thanks for letting me know!


It’s fixed!

Thanks again!


Great job dude!


Noooo. Discrimination against airbus.

Btw great job by the database dev though. Will come in really handy when i don’t want to have to open up IF.


New Zealand*


really amazing
especially with the cruise speed and flap settings data
thank you for taking the initiative


Fixed! Thanks!!

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