IF has 679 Aircraft & Livery Combinations! (I've created a database)

Back in December of 2016 I created this post:

Since then, many things have changed:

  • Global happened (huge game changer! simulator changer!)
  • 8 extra aircraft have been added, which brings the amount of aircraft to 59!
  • 5 aircraft were reworked (A318/A319/A320/A321 & CRJ-200)
  • 67 unique liveries were added, which now brings the total amount to 336!
  • 152 aircraft and livery combinations were added, which now brings the total amount to 640!

The 18.6 update brought that number up to 679!

Some other fun facts:

  • amount of aircraft with an Infinite Flight livery: 15
  • aircraft with the most liveries: 737-800, 40 liveries
  • amount of aircraft with a generic livery: 48
  • airline with the most liveries: Delta Air Lines, 17 liveries

I’ve created a simple database, which I update every time there’s something to add.

Other data I’ve added for nearly each aircraft:

  • registration
  • cruise speed
  • ceiling
  • flap limits

Like I said then: “Just try to image how much work has gone into creating all of it!”.

It’s huge!

So kudos to Infinite Flight LLC and everyone else contributing to this extraordinary flight sim.


The best mobile flight simulator! :D

Infinite Flight has accomplished so much since their initial release! :D


We have grown a lot and there is no sign of stopping!


Here’s some fun filled info on liveries as well! Created by one of our former staff / current support staff in DLVA


it is centered around Sky Team information, but has a lot of other knowledge nuggets as well. We havent updated it in a bit as it needs some work, but great info anyways

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I’ve created a simple database, which I update every time there is something to add.


Is this open to the public or is it something for yourself? Just wondering :)

The latter, but here’s the link:


And another one:


It’s not fast, 'cause it’s my local NAS.


Really amazing when you see it summarized like that. Thanks @Jan!


thats amazing tho. never really realized the amount of Liveries we had. another Point which makes worth the price :P

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👏 Really shows the progress FDS has made, truly remarkable. :)


I forgot about the reworked A320 and CRJ-200!
I’ve added those to the original post.

I’ve added some more information to the original post.

I’ve updated the information in the original post again.
I forgot to include the extra A318/A319/A321 liveries.

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I really like this database. I’d love to be able to see all liveries for an airline displayed in IF and being able to choose from that list what plane I want to fly. Like this list:

My only gripe is that Delta Airlines is spelled “Delta Air Lines” but AA is “American Airlines.” Theres an extra space

Overall a really nice site 🙃

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We really appreciate it… The developers deserves a lot of honor

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I’ll see myself out now👌🏻

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I didn’t expect this either.
I looked it up back when I filled the database. ;)

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I’m now also adding the registration of each aircraft to the database.

It’ll take some time.