IF Has 488 Aircraft & Livery Combinations!

Infinite Flight keeps getting better and better!
We all know that. But did you know this?

With the latest C-130 update there are:

  • 51 aircraft
  • 13 manufacturers
  • 269 liveries
  • 488 aircraft livery combinations

I only know this because I’ve put them all in a simple database, so I can look up which aircraft are available with a certain livery.

Actually there should be one more, since the 777-200ER KLM livery mysteriously disappeared. :)

But still, that amount is huge!
Just try to image how much work has gone into creating all of it!

Not everything is perfect and the wish list is huge as well, but I just thought knowing these numbers would help appreciate what’s being created even more.

Seeing the development this great simulator is undergoing is great.

Just saying. :)


Suprised to see so many aircraft!

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Wonder what mobile sim has that many aircraft.


I doubt any other simulator will get even close.
IF development is an ongoing process.
I wonder what 2017 will bring! :)

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GLOBALLLLLLLL!!! :D ( and Concorde hopefully )

And the DC-10/KC-10/MD-10/MD-11 with a whole lot of liveries.
I will have to add those to the database as well!
It never stops! :D

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