IF ground operations

This ia just an idea. But if one of the third party developers could do an app that does things like progressive refuel, progressive passenger loading, giving load sheets at the end, etc, that would be nice addition. Admittedly, it might be a bit limited in what it does, but would be cool anyway…



Not really sure what you’re asking about here, but I know fuelplanner.com does loadsheets.

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If you are saying to add sounds like “passenger boarding completed” and others sayings like that, then that might be cool! Remeber to talk to the developer of the app aswell, and if you can make it clear so other people know aswell what you are asking for.


Well. Assume you fire up the app, in which you specify how many passengers you want, and how much fuel. Then a countdown starts, and you can also see your fuel guage go up. you could have some background noise as passengers board, and a ‘loading complete’ call out at some point as well. Who knows, you might even do something about the catering, even if fictitious…

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What could have been done, is make a third party Simbrief software… :O

Sounds like a good idea. However, the API currently does not support changing the fuel amount on aircraft, and I don’t believe it will be added in the future due to the possibility of it being misused to do Ultra Long Flights.

That is a good idea though, but it might not be coming out anytime soon if it were to be accepted! 😊

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