IF grade and new option should be added

what is not fun is that if you get 5 reports can no longer be grade 3 for 1 year, I think there should be an option “BANNED” to ban a user with a defined time . but that’s my opinion.

So, instead of putting them in another server, you just want to remove them from the sim entirely…?

Frankly, you shouldn’t put too much concern into grade, because it’s only a static display of the pilot.

See, I’m a grade 3 but I could fly and land like a grade 4 or 5. I’m sure many others are stuck in this mud.


No. They paid money for the subscription. That would be unfair. Casual server is the lowest you could go.

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No because sometimes violations happen accidentally, so people should not be banned like they are trolling. Some of the people in IFC can really suck the life out of everything.

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No the same punishment as now, but with a time that the controller can change

People work and pay to be able to play. They should not be banned like this.

There are hundreds of IFATC controllers. Why should the controllers preside in power over the moderators for one action?

Something staff confirmed is a better Grade system, so higher grade levels!

You mean removed from a server where someone shouldn’t be? If some can get 6 reports in a year and still not have learned something then personally they don’t belong in Expert. But it is what it is. 6 is impossible to get if you know what you’re doing and " belong" on Expert, Yes mistake are made. If so contact the controller. The ghost can be removed if deemed controller error or a mistake. But if you manage to get 6 reports and complain it’s like that for a reason. To give players a few chances to smarten up or well back to TS/CS you go.

You can have to get reported 6 times in a year to be removed from expert for quite sometime.