hey guys! i needed to ask about what’s going on with IF, it’s absolutely insane. it crashed in the middle of my flight, it literally took 30 mins to load on 4 different tries, and i’m on a flight right now and it’s lagging so much. idk i just had to ask cause it really is the very first time.
thanks for the help as always.

What device are you using?

Internet connection?
Memory and storage avaible?

iphone 8 plus, perfect storage more than 40gb available and internet connection with no problem

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Are you on WiFi? Or cellular?

no wifi of course

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Do you use limit frame rate?

i’m not sure i understand, you mean the graphics?

On the IF settings there is a limit frame rate setting. I would suggest having this on to avoid having issues with the app crashing

oh okay i will check that out thanks !

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Try deleting it and downloading it back

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Just restart your device. Sounds like a normal performance degradation :)