IF Global

Anybody else not being able to get into IF Global??

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Not at the moment. What steps have you attempted to get connected?

  • Reboot device
  • Reset your router
  • Try a different airport and server
  • Have you tried clearing the scenery cache(settings->general->scroll to the bottom->clear scenery cache->yes)
  • Have you tried deleting and re-downloading IF

Restart your device then and delete and re-install the app

Hey @keishawn_24k could you tell us what device you have?

Also have you ever been able to access IF global?


I tried those

I have a iPhone 7 Plus & I havent

I’m doing that now

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Alright, let me know how that works for you

It worked. I had to re install it.

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Glad it’s working now, you are welcome for the help, a mod can close this now