IF Global YouTube Thread

This is the begining of the Infinite Flight Global YouTube Thread. This is a reserved area for you to post videos that you might have taken while enjoying global. Find an interesting feature on the terrain? Flying around some beautiful scenery such as the Caribbean or the Maldives? Record it, post it to YouTube, and share your video link here for all to enjoy.

Some things to note:

How to Format your post:

  • A brief description of your video you’re posting. Ex. Location, Aircraft, and anything else you’d like to include that you think others may find interesting in your video.

  • A valid/active YouTube Link. Please do not upload a video file as this takes up precious storage space on the community. Links do not take up space.

If you are going to critique ones video, please be courteous when giving feedback and consider asking the individual if they’d like the feedback in a PM.

It was quite a journey in the testing process, and the experiences were truly amazing. As most of you folks may have seen some time last week, a lot of IFATC members and testers showed up a big gathering at Palm Springs in the Southern California region. I figured I’d share this short video with you guys. Enjoy!


Just letting you know you posted a bad link :P

Try again. 😜 Thanks.

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Does Zenfone 3 with 4 GBs of RAM, chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, GPU Adreno 506, with android Nougat 7 and 64 GBs will run the update of Global Infinite Flight?

So jealous… (still loading for me)

This thread has been updated for all wishing to share their IF Global YouTube videos. Please review the original post for more information regarding specifics and formatting when posting your video here.

Special thanks to @RonnyMartin for bringing this to my attention.


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