IF Global - Circumnavigating Infinite Flight

Now that Global is confirmed, it is time for me to hop in a Cessna 172 and fly across the world. I will begin at KISP, my local airport. I will then fly up to Cold Bay, Alaska, with stops along the way. Then, I will fly down to Hokkaido, Japan, avoiding Russia. They are kind of sketchy with aircraft. I will make my way through Asia and Europe, followed by flying up to Iceland. Then, I will reach Nova Scotia and fly back down to KISP, parking at the same GA apron I began at. I’m doing this in legs, on live. If you want to follow me, my callsign will be GLOBAL. Flight plan will be posted later today. This is going to be awesome.


You are a crazy guy haha to begin like that I will just fly from Barcelona to like Zurich for my first flight :P

Awesome idea, but please make a properly structured events post instead :)