If_ger.aviation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Official ATC Tracking Thread of @if_ger.aviation

Status (TIME):CLOSED(I will be open at 21:00 Zulu / end at 22:00 zulu
Airport: EBBR
Runways: 07L&07R
Aircraft Size Restrictions: Smaller than a 747 please

**I will be open at most twice a day, and at the least 4 days a week and the duration of the session will be about 1 hour. **

**Please only show up if you are a grade 3 pilot, ( I am willing to make accommodations) but this is really just to keep out trolls and people who are not being professional.

Please comment or send a PM regarding questions and/or feedback :)

See you soon!


I open EBBR Ground&Tower at 21:00/Z

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