IF Funny Moments!! A YT series by Captain Rowdy!

Hi ya fellow clansmen and women! Welcome to the official CaptainRowdy YT channel tread! This tread will keep you updated on the latest IF funny moments videos that I release as well as a way for you to give me feedback and suggestions as I grow as a content creator!

Hell has risen again! This time during a BAVA group flight to Santiago Chile! What rubbish has rowdy gotten himself into now?!


EGLL (London) - SAEZ (Santiago, Chile)

Aircraft: 787-9

Event: Group flight with BAVA

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Thanks for reading/watching and I’ll hope to see you in the skies!


For people who are interested in seeing where this series all started here’s episode 1.


Flight: Egll (London - KAUS (Austin, Texas)

Aircraft: 777-300ER

Event: group flight with BAVA.

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I love how you put ‘God Save The Queen’ over Laura, but you freak out in the presence of Tyler.

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Great Scott! Someone forgot his landing gear!

Flight: EGPH- EGCL (VATC event)

Aircraft: British Airways E190

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