IF froze for a while when I switched to high rendering quality

When I switched rendering quality from low to high in the middle of a flight the app froze, luckily it didn’t (got a bit scared there). Does that mean that I could never use high rendering quality for long again? Tried clearing cache to prevent it but the cache clears in a split second so I’m guessing there’s no cache to clear?

What device are you currently using? If it fries then I would personally go to lower graphics. Yes, you won’t be able to see the high quality satellite imagery, but at least you still are able to fly


Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017). But lower graphics doesn’t provide as much realism.

Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything.

Believe in Infinite Flight working even if it means sacrificing graphics and realism.




You should be fine after setting AA off and the rest on

No setting Anti-Aliasing doesn’t solve the problem AA was already off. I think it’s my device’s capability of handling graphics.

Well, set quality to high and resolution to low

I did and it froze.

Really ? I’ve got a tab S2 older than your device and it works

Probably my phone sucks. It doesn’t always freeze though. Only sometimes.

Could you try again?

It works on a 200chf phone…
A7 is a pretty nice phone

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