If freezing

Hello everyone, recently, my infinite flight is freezing the screen on some long flights… for example: if I take a 16hr flight, my IF may freeze the

my phone: moto g200
8GB ram
snapdragon 888+


Hello there!

This needs to be in #support

Interesting that a device this new with this high specs is having this issue…

Are you taking precautionary measures in cruise such as lowering brightness to minimum and using the tail camera pointed at the sky - both of which decrease the load on your device significantly.

These steps are recommended even for people with high-end devices.

I just didn’t leave the rear camera facing the sky, but I do the rest

Maybe on your next long haul flight try doing that method as well and see if it helps.

you can leave it then, thanks a lot for helping man 🤝

Good morning! Thanks for your topic. What graphic settings have you been using so far?

No problem! Always happy to help!

Have a great day!
~ Ben

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