IF freezing

Hello everyone. 👋

I had an annoying problem with my IF (this happened three or four times).

The problem is that after one or two hours of flight, IF is unresponsive and freezing (after, it show the windows that “IF isn’t responding”.)

This annoying freezing happened since six - seven minutes (and before the landing).

Can someone please know what causes this problem?

Graphics: (this also happened even with all the graphics set to low).

Device: Galaxy Tab S2 (2015)
No apps were in the background.
Video will be showed, if needed.

Unfortunately this may be a problem with your device. As technology improves, other older devices fall in performance. Your device is about 5 years old and infinite flight is also expanding to cater the newer tech that’s coming around. As it is still supported your device may not be able to fully handle Infinite Flight.

Hey @infiniteflight_17!

Thanks for responding!

Yes, sometimes, I’m thinking that the problem is because of my device.

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