IF freezing when Alarm Clocks Sound

This has created so many of my violations and interrupts my flights. I am unable to turn off alarm clocks for work (critical timing need throughout the day). If I’m flying in IF and my alarm goes off it causes the game to freeze.

IOS10 and most recent IF update installed.

Any tips?

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This has happened to me before, it’s so annoying! I don’t know how to fix it. Sorry.

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Disable alarms before flying.

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This is weird, as it doesn’t happen to me.

Happens to me all the time! It’s so annoying! 😑😑

I’m able to reproduce this using the latest Infinite Flight version (16.12.6183.13901).

iPad Mini 2 (iOS 10.2.1)
iPhone 5S (iOS 10.3 beta 2)

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I wish I was able too. I have them set at intervals due to work.


I’ve noticed that whenever I get a notification (snapchat, Facebook, text, etc.) my infinite flight briefly freezes and always goes to the pause screen. One or two times it even took me to the home screen.
I have the notification style set to “banner”

This happens to me all the time! Phone calls, timers, and sometimes messages freeze my phone. That happened to me after a windy 30 minute flight. Not fun:(

Stop playing Infinite Flight at work :)

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It’s fun dude! Anyways, it’s even happened on the weekends when I’m trying a longer route.

Can’t use an old phone for the alarm? Or an even more genius idea, buy an alarm Clock for like $20?

Problem solved.

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Get a clock, save lives.

It has happened to me before as well lol.
I have an ingenious solution however…
dont set an alarm prior to flying

@Nick_Callum Have you tried using a 3rd party alarm clock? Maybe its the phones default clock which is not compatible with IF?

This also happens with ending a Skype call…

That is a good idea. I’ll try that.

I’m not able to carry a plug in, or battery operated, or a cooking timer style alarm at work.

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