IF freezing & crashing at the tail end of a 12 hour flight

When I was beginning to descend to JFK after a 12 hour flight from Seoul, IF began to start locking up at about 150nm out. It did it again about 40nm out, and then on final. Each time jumping into the app switcher and back into IF, and waiting some time fixed the temporary lock-up. However, when I was on the ground at JFK taxiing to my gate, the app began to seriously lag (and I should have ended the flight at that point), and crashed. No record of my Seoul-JFK flight anywhere in my logbook.

The last time I did this type of flight (Tokyo-NYC), I accidentally pressed the the power button on my phone and IF completely crashed, but in that case I was likely the source of the crash.

My phone is an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.1. I do understand that it is hard running an app for 12 hours that has to stream imagery and has to carefully manage it’s memory footprint. I’m wondering if this is an issue with a “garbage collector”, or a memory leak in IF.


Lower the graphic settings and restart your device.

Don’t worry, your experience aves every 10 minutes. What I suggest is to just lower your graphics and aircraft count

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And before you start a flight make sure to clear memory so that IF can take all it needs

Did you try reinstalling the app? Some files may be corrupted.

Man this happens to me!!! I’m so annoyed, they need to hurry up and fix this!

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I’m already running IF with the automatic low power mode setting enabled, which brings the FPS of IF to about 5 when doing nothing.

On the device I run IF on it’s the only app open in the app switcher.