IF Freezes

Hello all, I have been having problems with IF freezing at some points, it’s been going on since 19.4, but then it was very subtle. Now IF is freezing for seconds at a time, and it gets aggravating during takeoff and landing when the game freezes.
My device is a 2018 iPad Pro


Does it freeze when you’re at busy airports or are you flying at empty locations?

Also, what are your settings?

It’ll freeze randomly, no matter the traffic load. When on the ground and during takeoff, approach, and landing, my aircraft count is on high, rendering quality high, rendering resolution high, texture quality high, anti-aliasing on, and limit frame rate on

How is your storage? When I played on IF with full storage it froze all the time…

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Do you have any API connections? Like ForeFlight, IF assistant etc… if you have many of them at the time, maybe they might cause the freezes. Also, I suppose it might be caused by a connected joystick (only if you already have APIs or bad internet connection).

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Yes this is true as tis can especially put a load on the game.

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I’ll recomend you to delete the IF and install it again because when you fly Alot your replays stars saving which take Alot of storage!
If you deleted and install the replays will be deleted and the game will again fly bitterly

@Planeviation I still have about 60gbs of space left

@omelete_2 I use IF-Operations, IF-Assistant, and Infinite PAX

Yeah, maybe try disabling IF-Operations, IF-Assistant, and Infinite PAX as @omelete_2 said and do a flight online or on solo to see how it would work.

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These settings seam a little bit to high for your device. Maybe try lowering one or two of these, and do a device restart before each flight with IF to maximize your devices performance!

I don’t think it’s the settings, because they run smoothly most of the time. It just freezes randomly

have you tried this yet?

It is a iPad Pro how are they to high 🤣 I run all those setting on My Phone and I get stable Fps

It is from 2018 though, so it is good but may not run max graphics maybe

I have the same device on High with no problems.

  • Reboot the device
  • Stop ALL 3rd party apps
  • Kill all background running apps
  • Try again.

If it happens again, back up any saved replays and try uninstalling and reinstalling from the store. The goal is to get it running without extra apps and then slowly introduce them one at a time.


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