IF freezes, the sound starts cracking in a loop and freezes

Hello there,

I just wanted to report that I have an issue with the new update.
I’m using a Galaxy Note 10+ (Exynos Chipset Variant).
This phone is powerful enough to run IF on the highest graphic settings.

I had this issue 3 times in a row. I spawned at EDDF for a flight to Venice, prepared a FPL which also took around 5mins, stared pushback and after few minutes while taxiing Infinte Flight freezes, the sound freezes up too and my whole device becomes unresponsive. Then the screen goes black as mg phone restarts.

When I did a long haul flight over night with the 777 I used my 4 year old S7 edge and I didn’t had this issue.
I will try to reinstall IF and hopefully it fixes the issue.

If you need more information to get a look into the issue I will do my best to assist.

Nevertheless I love the new Update!


Hi @MehdiMa0507, unfortunately there is an issue with the S10/ Note 10 devices specifically centred around the Exynos version that’s causing them to randomly crash. The developers are aware of the issue, however we are finding it a little bit tricky to narrow down exactly what is causing it. They may ask you for a bug report, I’m not entirely sure. I know it’s not exactly a great solution, but if you are able to fly on your S7 for the time being, it might not perform as well but you have a much lower chance of crashes.


I can’t join the game on an iPad Air 2

Oh really. Didn’t knew they were already aware of this problem and that it is a general problem with be Exynos S10 and Note 10 models. Luckily I have also a Galaxy Tab S5e with the Midrange Snapdragon CPU so I might fly with that.

Never mind it joined

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@SPB2727_Skyteam please check the pinned topic in support for information!


@MehdiMa0507 yeah it’s something that only come up relatively recently, and it’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the issue. The devices had only developed the issue after updating to Samsung’s version of Android 10, and it only targets the Exynos/mediatek models. Safe assured we are well aware and trying to fix it! Hopefully your s5e will do for the time being until it gets fixed. For all we know, Samsung may push a software update that magically fixes the issue… Unfortunately I couldn’t say for sure.

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Well yeah bugs like these are really difficult to find.
But I mean I have the Android 10 update since November and IF never cause any issue before 20.1
Will start the flight now and see of it works on my Tab S5e. Sad thing is im limited to the mid graphic settings. May consider upgrading to the Tab S7 this summer.

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I can confirm it was the same issue before 20.1 (on 19.4).
It is very annoying as these phones are one of the most powerful ones, perfectly capable to run these demanding games, however playing with an issue that can crash the game (and the phone) at any time makes the whole experience unenjoyable. This has been the case for months, sucks with a yearly subscription…
How is your experience with the tab S5e? Did you have any issue with it? (I’m after an android tablet, hence I’m asking)

Thank God I saw this I was about to buy a new device soley for gaming.

Yes, looks like you’re better off not choosing from the S10 or Note 10 series. As I could find digging this forum and the Internet, only the ones with the Exynos chipset is affected.
It’s quite a bad situation, not sure if IF can do anything about it.

Please check this topic:

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