IF Freezes and Crashes AGAIN after disconnection from Server

Having the same issue…Every time the server disconnects the app lags and then crashes… IPad 2017


Yey! Not.

Okay, we’ll need a reproducable scenario to figure it out. Will be hard otherwise.

I’ll reach out to whomever i can and we’ll see what we can find.

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I did get a phone call 20 mins before the app crash… I wonder if that plays a role in the crash?

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Could be, but have you received a phone call every time before this have happened? Or have anything else happened that would pause the app for a while?

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Right before i woke up the low battery warning warning was on but the battery was at 20% so it could’ve not been paused for to long


Okay. I’ll keep investigating this in a few hrs. Apparently sleep is something the body needs every now and then :)


Good morning/afternoon/evening lads,

I have been using Infinite Flight since global on overnight flights which would continue smoothly even if the internet connection is slow/lacking.

Ever since the TBM update(great job btw devs), I have noticed that whenever there is an internet connection fault or you are trying to switch between networks, the app freezes (sometimes crashing). Earlier on, I was doing a flight from Stockholm to Fort Lauderdale when I ran into connection issues. I know the procedure to prevent the app from freezing but at the end, 8 hours after taking off from ESSA, I wind up over Iceland.

I would like to know the solution in order to enable my flights to continue smoothly when connection times out.

iPad 6th gen
App version 18.6.1
iOS 12.1.1

My device has excess of 15GB free memory. Thank you all for helping me.

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Yesterday it happened to me. Azus Zpad 10 3 GB ram and 96 GB of shared storage with SD card. Infinite Flight is also on my SD card. Game graphics are set to medium and limited frame rate. When game is not running I’ve got about 50% resources free. Game always runs great but yesterday when our internet dropped out I got game not responding message with choices of either wait, close or report. I basically had to restart my tablet.

I switched to LTE service to fly another but at my apartment I’ve only got 2 to 3 bars of signal. I could complete a flight but a few times I’d loose connection and game would freeze, I’d get the notification that app not responding. But when I would move to get a better signal, it’d reconnect to server and game would run fine.

Then the internet came back up and no other problems.

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Hello @schyllberg any new info on this? Happening the same thing once again.

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Hi guys!
Did somebody found a solution?
I had the same problem today, I was flying from Miami to Denver when the app crashed. I was 200 miles away KDEN and the screen turned black and the app crashed.

There’s no solution yet as we haven’t found a stable way of reproducing it.

I will say the only way to reproduce it is: Start a flight. “Disconnect” your router in the middle of the flight. Go check what happens in IF. That’s how it happens to me. As soon I loose connection with the server the app freezes and eventually crashes.

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It’s weird… I already tried that but it didn’t work

This happened to me for a span of time when global first came out after a long haul. It would freeze on final and crash the app. They had a bug fix update which fixed it. I would consider in this same case which I didn’t do, to clear scenery cache maybe or reinstall the app. Hope that helps.

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This happens to me in like 1 out of a million times. Last time this happened was when I was flying London to Changi and got disconnected from the server. I still got XP and 1 landing. Before that happened the game froze for 5 seconds.

But for advice clear ram before every flight (I learnt that the hard way) and If it freezes, don’t touch the screen. Let it recover itself.

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So your saying not to touch the screen when this problem occurs?

Pretty much, but if it keeps freezing then it’s probably going to crash after the 2nd or 3rd time. When it happened to me it took one freeze just to crash.

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