IF Freezes after a medium-haul flight

After about 4 hours, IF just freezes and the only thing I can do is to force restart the app.

I’m using an iphone 7 plus on ios 13.6.1

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Did you have anything interrupting IF from running like an invisible alarm or something?

How often does that happen?

Make sure all settings are low or near low graphics.

The iPhone 7 is an aging phone, so definitely take care of it, otherwise it’ll act up.

nope, it’s definitely not an alarm

just happened today but i’ll update if it happens again

yes, of course. But i think it’s a bug related to network, I got disconnected for about 10 mins then the whole thing just froze up

It may be your device…?

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Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Also, restarting your phone before every flight does make a massive effect. Try that.

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I can recommend an update to iOS14. It’s available for your device

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Is it bad that I run an iPhone 6 on all high for long hauls? 😂

My only suggestion(s) is/are to:

A) Update to iOS 14
B) Restart the phone
C) Delete and reinstall the game


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Oh my, I seriously wonder how that phone holds up? I used to have one before I upgraded to the XS, but never flew on it.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t brick all of a sudden at this point 😂

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