IF Founder

Is the Infinite Flight Founder on the forum?

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Yes, it’s Laura but with an @ before the name.

philippe’s and Laura’s (both co-founders of Infinite Flight) profile can be found through the links below:


It was Laura and philippe

@Qantas094 @anon70772274 @Luke_M On Laura’s profile, it says that she is the Co-founder.

Because philippe and Laura did it together.

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Just to add Philippe made the forum. Here’s his post.

Sir Jedediah Swearengen was born over a hundred years ago. The foundations of what he did then lare bare as to what we are now. It is from Jedediah’s vision that we are gathered here today to enjoy Infinite Flight and its many offerings.

But that’s not all. He also made a camp in the middle of nowhere by the name of Kikiwaka near Moose Rump, Maine. It is here that a wayward adventurer can find a map that outlines the next 50 years of Infinite Flight development, including but not limited to the Concorde and A350 MAX.

Anyways, Laura and Philippe… I mean, Sir Jedediah is who you’re looking for.