[IF.FlightReport] From Desert to Islands

Hi there! I just flew Air Mauritius’s A359 from the Manhattan of the Middle East to the Continent Island today and here some shots taken during the flight. Enjoy!

Flight Info
OMAA Abu Dhabi Int. - FIMP Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Int.
3B-NBP A350-900
M0.85 FL370 Aprox. 6hrs Expert

Our flight today, MK21, pushed back on time at 1230 local time at Midfield Terminal Gate 609 and Airborne 15mins later, departing at Runway13R.

Positive Rate, Gear Up. The RR engines gave the XWB a huge thrust to bring it off the ground in such a hot afternoon.

A shot taken right before we bank towards south to our destination. Anyone know what’s the grid on the ground? Is that the salt flat?

Leaving the Persian Gulf

Just as we flew over Saudi Arabia, there’s some breathtaking views! Love it!

Exotic views near Salalah, Oman.

4 hours after departure, we were passing Seychelles, another nice vacation spot besides Reunion & our destination!

After flying nearly for 6 hours, the coastline of Mauritius is in sight :)

Flying over the island, entering right downwind Runway14 at FIMP.

Landed smoothly at 🇲🇺! What a lovely flight! Touched down at 1845 local time, there’s no time difference between Abu Dhabi & Mauritius.

Thanks for viewing my flight report! Do you like the shots? Any picture you’ve taken during today’s flight? Share with us below in the comments!

If you like my shots, feel free to check my Instagram & Twitter account, I post some amazing infinite flight shots from time to time :)

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Great job, however, you have more than 10 screenshots, please remove some screenshots to meet the #screenshots-and-videos category guidelines.

Great photos though! Photo 4 is 😍!

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Wow nice pictures!! Love them all!!


@VR-DOM, like @Pilot_Felix said, you should remove some of the five screenshots because you have 15 photos posted. But nice trip though, I am headed to FIMP also but from Georgetown Guyana via JFK and Paris. I should be there by 2235Z (5:35 PM ET)


@Pilot_Felix ya, thanks for your reminder! Glad you like my shot 😄

@Udeme_Ekpo Enjoy your flight!

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Oh, glad you like it 😆 thank you!

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Wow! Now this is a screenshots topic! Awesome job with the photos!

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Thank you so much!

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wow! stunning shots!

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Glad you like it! Have a nice day!