IF Flightplans website- [Teaser]

Welcome peoples to the new way to get your flightplans. IF flightplans is a in depth website that will transform the way you use flightplans. I wanted to show you guys a bit of early access towards the website for IF Flightplans.

IF flightplans is a major development from its predecessor using weebly’s tool to its extent. In this teaser you will be able to see demo flightplans as well as a tab for the most popular routes used in IF e.g. KLAX-KSAN as well as showing off flightplans for pilots who want to depart from EHAM.


  • Image containing the map and location of waypoints for the flightplan

  • Text to show the waypoints that are used for that particular flightplan

  • A button that links to the Flightplan Database webpage to view your flight in greater detail before you depart

  • Flightplan Database number for anyone who wants to use Liveflight Connect’s autonav function they can

Still to come in following updates:

  • Audio readouts of flightplans

  • Options for casual or realistic flightplans

  • Trending flightplans (Based on how many times a button is pressed)

This can happen quicker if you help us out. I’m looking for trustworthy editors who can replicate what i’m doing and is able to use weebly.

Oh yes, almost forgot the website. http://ifflightplans.weebly.com

Donate to us at www.paypal.me/KieranLockhart so we can buy a domain



Wooa…Thx man…thnkx for allu do…will help a Lt!

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integrate it with Navigraph Airac data will be damn best.

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I’ll have a look and see if that’s possible

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First quick glance feedback:

  • Change the colour or re-position ‘Hi, Welcome to Flightplans’ header on your homepage. Grey font on a largely monochrome and busy background isn’t working. Or change your background to something simpler.

  • ‘Flight Plan’ is generally two words. Arguably that’s pedantic but it does seem to be the standard across the board.

  • Your ‘what is it’ paragraph is clumsy. Can I suggest the following:

“IF Flight Plans is a website that can be used for anything from casual flights to full realism. We offer flight plans for complete novices to more complex flight plans including Stars and SID’s. Our team are always working to ensure that our information is as accurate as possible”.

Hope that helps a wee bit!


Thanks the I’ll use that and give credit to you thanks I’m all open for constructive criticism with this being only a teaser

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167 views so far in 3 hours of it being known. Pretty good so far

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Nice work!

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Thanks hope it satisfies when it’s fully completed ✅

Just a warning about Flight Plans :)

An FPL is actually filed directly out and near to the airport. The rest of the FPL can be filed by the pilot.

The issue I’m getting to here is that the wind changes buddy and unless your prepared to make every FP with a route to each active runway go for it. My only tip to you is to create it near the airport.


Credit not required, just glad I was able to help. I’m always impressed when community members take the time out to add something to IF.

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In that case it’s as simple as don’t follow the flight plan all the way down, for example a flight plan from Rwy idk 24R at KLAX to 09 at KSAN and the winds at KSAN make rwy 27 active u could simple follow the flight plan to a certain point and turn downind for rwy 27, some common sense will help u. Just like when u fly and approach comes on u follow approach vectors but now u have to be ur own approach which tbh isn’t that hard if u know what ur doing


@Partha_Gudi, are you ok?

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In the future we will try and get flight plans for each wind direction for the airport but for now just don’t follow the beginning part of the flight plan

Just a little question: why are you using PlaneFinder’s logo on your website? (probably without their permission…)

Yea I’m pretty much fine ;-)

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its called a space filler for now until I get time to make a proper logo remember none of this is final

First update has been done with a full colour scheme and added airport flightplans. Logo has been created and a new form to suggest flight plans for us to make!

The logo is the runway layout of my training airport, KHPN!

Nice I thought I’d make it simplistic but still literal