IF Flightplan Tools

Thank you so much for this! It makes it much easier for me when there is a holding pattern! :)

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Oh yeah I’m bookmarking this. This is awesome dude can’t wait to try it out

What should I do @AdamCallow I tried to make a run through the grand canyon but it said I had too many points. If I get rid of the points, it won’t be through he whole canyon.

It’s an infinite flight limitation. You could space the points out more or spilt it across multiple flight plan files.

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@AdamCallow another question: if I made a f-plan but then I realized I made it backwards and wanted to flip how can I do it (if it’s possible).

I don’t have a tool for that, but if you had a fair bit of time you can rearrange the order of the flightplan with my editor, might take a while for a large flight plan though.

Hello comrades,

I’ve been trying to understand these tools all the time, but everything always doesn’t work out, my plane doesn’t even fly these waypoints more precisely, sometimes it just flies there then there, even the holding patterns don’t work!
Can someone explain to me how the whole thing works, maybe with a video! 🫡

How do I add the file to IF

If youre on ios just click it

Or hold it then share then choose infintie flight (you have to be in a active flight)

This is amazing. I use it for every flight! Amazing work @AdamCallow!

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Can I download a flightplan from FR and use it on this?

I’m trying to load a previously saved IF flightplan, the choose a file process isn’t displaying my .fpl files.

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Good News!

It’s website update day.

The database has been updated for 22.7 and the IF-Info page has had a little bit of a revamp.

The map pop up has been reworked to include:

  • An easier to read ICAO code, and updated logic for IATA and alt figures

  • New tags that include jetbridges, safe dock and custom tower models

  • Nothing changed with airport name and inbound count

  • New revamped ATC open info thats so much easier to read and shows how long someone has been open for


Also, included in this update are airport counts, which you can click on to view on the map with awesome little icons

Below shows a map of airports in europe with safe dock

Extra info for anyone interested:

  • Table of airports per region removed as it was getting hard to follow and very long

  • IFATC region boundaries download removed and it’t kinda pointless given they aren’t used anymore (They can still be viewed on the map should you wish)

  • Expert status page future proofed

  • Duplicate server options on flight status page removed


Can this be used to make a holding pattern for refueling planes if so the how

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Yeah, you can use the flightplan editor page to make custom holding patterns


Amazing idea 🔥

thanks for thehelp

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Love this. Awesome! Already saved to my favourites. Great work 👍🏼


Looks Very inspiring Adam!:D

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