IF Flightplan Tools

understood Adam. Can’t thank you enough for your input

Is this normal or some error, but when I input a flightplan from FR24, it says “too much waypoints, over the 250th one”. If this is normal or an error just let me know

Thats normal now. IF limits flightplans to 252 waypoints now


wait now i cant hit the ‘get status’ button

Ok Thanks for letting me know

Website Update (and Preview)

Thats the list of 3D airports now updated to reflect the new 22.1 additions. Also the global airport database has been updated to include a few more airports that I noticed were wrong/missing, feel free to point out any issues you spot.

If are are a part of IFATC you may have seen what I’ve been working on. I’ve been updating the IF-Info map page to include new icons and scheduled IFATC airports on the map. Icons aren’t final but here’s a sneak-speak of what its looking like


Hey, I found an issue with Saint Helena airport. I think it’s missplaced:

Just letting you know!

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Really nice! 😎

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Oops, looks like I must have made a typo when adding it, I’ll get that fixed shorty.

What you did is a Amazing !

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Hey Adam….super amazing tool! Just came across it. Thanks a ton!!

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It’s a day after IF update day, so it’s update day for my site!

All 40 new airports have been added to the newly updated IF Info map page!



And it’s once again website update day!

All the new 3D airports that have been added in 22.3 have been added to the site, and also a few airports added to the global airport database.

There are a few new features in the works. One that will make you go round and round (Thats the only clue you get for now)



I can’t get in, how did you get it?

Love the feature, great work.

This tool very amazing to use. Is very helpful. I hope this project is still going to continue develop more bigger.

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Can’t wait to try (and fail to) use this!

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Good news, its new feature day for IF Flightplan Tools!

You can now add holds to any flightplan you like by simply hitting a button and filling out the hold perimeters.

The hold is then created based from the fix you clicked edit on and as if by magic you get a lovely hold that you can fly round in circles from.

And in other update news, I have updated how the aircraft/livery name code works to reflect the new IF API goodness that has been added. This should mean you’ll be better informed what flying though the virtual skies.


So by using this, if I have the coordinates of the waypoints can I name the waypoints whatever I want?

Within reason yes, IF does filter the names and they must be 16 characters or less, only containing letters, numbers, “/“ and “.”