IF Flightplan Tools

so I could just do WPT1 WPT2 etc.

Yes, that would work

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alright will try it!

I’ll edit If it works!

so this would work in if

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Site Update

  • 3D airports updated for 21.7 release and airport database updated to include missing airports

  • Editor and KML pages updated to reflect new changes to how IF processes flight plans (Waypoint Limit warning)

  • Flight Status Page has had a small improvement, aircraft in the air now show last recorded location as a little red icon on the map. Location only updated when the page updates itself (As shown on timer at the bottom of the screen) Gives you an idea where they are though.

As always, thanks for using my site, and any future ideas or improvements you have do let me know.


Wow @AdamCallow! Your work is very fascinating. One of the best tools for IF. Now I can plan my arrival without my aircraft running in the air hahah🤣. Congratulations once again!

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When will it be possible to put more than 250 waypoints back? I can no longer do my aerial drawings :(