IF Flightplan Tools

from Simbrief. I am trying to create a flight plan from I.F. tools, but I cannot get it together. I have reread the instructions and I cannot find it yet.

There’s an outage rn with the Info Map, just letting you know

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Woah… I downloaded a flight plan the other day on it lol good thing I didn’t do it today

Flight plans will work as normal, it’s just the map tiles that have an issue.

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Hey, sorry to disturb, but is there anything known about this?

Yeah, I know what the issue is I just haven’t had the spare time to fix it yet. I’ll have a look in the upcoming days

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@IF-Mallorca I’ve just pushed a fix to the site that should fix the issue using map tiles from a different provider for now.

Failing that the satellite map tile tiles are still working just fine so you can change to that view in the options (top right)

Great, its fixed now, thanks!

Good Afternoon @AdamCallow,

I hope you are doing well my friend, just a little issue I’m having on the website regarding KML file conversions…

So I got a KML file from FR24 and downloaded it as you should, then went and converted it on your website, it said it exceeds 252 waypoints but hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem and then proceeded to convert it.

I loaded up IF on my second device on a SOLO server (I don’t know if that makes a difference but it shouldn’t) and tried to import it but it’s grayed out?


Thank you in advance!

Are you on android or iOS?
If you locate the flightplan file in your file management app what type of file does it think it is? (Note this can be different than whatever extension has been added to the name)

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I tested it on android, but I also have an iPad and it won’t let me open it obviously so I don’t know how to answer this question below sorry

Could you check what the “kind” shows up as in your files app?

Not sure the exact flow on android but on iOS it would go like
Open files > hold down the file > get info

Hey! i’m new to this fpl editing and I’m trying to fly a kml file and i’m having trouble inputing the coords into IF. Is there any efficient way to doing this?
屏幕截图 2024-04-02 121001

What’s the issue you’re having? Looks like you’ve managed to get the KML into the fpl editor. So all you would need to do now is download the fpl file (button at the top of the page) and then use the import fpl button inside infinite flight

Hi @AdamCallow

sorry, after a long time, I’ve completely forgotten again, or I’m a bit too lazy to read everything from top to bottom again.

I just tried to download a KML from FR24, I got it ready, now I wanted to use it on the IF-FPL tool and yes it works, but as soon as I’m in the game it only shows me there and not to my destination.

Either I’m doing something wrong here, or have I forgotten something?

I’ll leave a few comments here that some pilots here don’t understand how it all works, I already wrote in the OLD report whether it wouldn’t be GREAT to make a VIDEO of it to explain how it all really works, like IF about landing , starting and all instruments operation.
This would make life easier for some pilots.