IF Flightplan Tools


this is what it looks like outside of IF in the file manager on my phone

and this is what it looks when I try to open it with IF

Looks like when you downloaded the file it got turned into an “XML File” not an “.fpl” version. An “XML” version is basically the encoded version of the file type, it’s your file but translated into words like this:

What browser are you using to download the file? And do you have any other file apps like the default files app for iOS (if your using iOS)?

Haven’t seen this webapp before, but it looks really good.
So cool how you can use the flightmap to search players and get your (or someone else) flightstates.

Wish that a live flight app would be added in the future (i know this is difficult for now).
And maybe a page for flight configuration (settings for flaps, weights, TO-speed, etc.)

With these two things the website would be complete and I would need anything else.

So far, really good.

A .fpl file is just an xml file, the only issue with that file is that it’s empty. No waypoints in it.

Those are good ideas. If on the first suggestion you mean a flight radar style page, then I won’t be doing that. Others do a much better job of that than I ever could (Eg LiveFlight)

Takeoff configuration page, that’s an idea I have had myself and may add it in the future. Only issue would be getting the data, so would only be for certain aircraft.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I did meant something like LiveFlight.
I do agree that the LiveFlightApp website is one of the best live trackers for IF, but it could be doing a better job on terms of maintenance. I cant use the app for almost more than a year now (because the choose server menu doesnt prompt up anymore). Also, airplane pictures dont seem to update as regular for the website. Would be nice if someone could do these bugfixes. (but now we are hearing for months that it will be updated…some day).

Just out of curiosity, do you use any other flight trackers for IF (that kind of work just as great)?

And for the configuration page. Maybe you can possible use the data that has been collected and shared in the All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (My New Topic, *Version 20.2, Wiki!)

This should speed things up on the data.

LMK what your thoughts are :)

My file isn’t empty tho? I can open it normally with my text editor. I was using Firefox on PC and I don’t think I can set a default app for a fpl file.

Looks like I caused a bit of confusion with the image I provided. That was just a quick fpl I made with one waypoint to show an example of the encoded version of the file.

@Lion_50 sorry but I don’t really know what the problem is. I’ve said what I presumed the issue was but so far has come to no solution. Good luck though.

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Sometimes downloading the flight plans from IFC or google drive adds .xml to the end of the file format. That normally means you can’t select it from inside IF. You’ll just need to remove the .xml from the end, which is easier said than done and depends if you are using android or iOS.

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Do you know how that works on Android?

dude this is awesome! I can track my flights like Liveflight on here. Amazing job!

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100% using this now. NZQN my home airport can’t wait to do this approach now.

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Hey I love this idea. I got a quick small suggestion on regarding the flight tracking. I saw that it only updates every 30 minutes of where your plane location is. I personally think that it should update like how liveflightapp.com does. But I love this app and will be using it! Good job!

It updates more regularly when you are close to your destination. I do need to look into better ways of updating more often though.

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Also I just saw that on the flight map after it updates, it’s not showing an accurate location of my plane.

@AdamCallow any idea?

Site Update

  • 21.8 3d Airports have been added into the database
  • Aircraft Livery list has been updated for the A220

And some extra bit of news.

I have a small beta part of the site that takes your simbrief flight plan and converts it into a .fpl just from your navigraph/simbrief username.

You can download the fpl, or copy the waypoint string, or copy a little formatted string to paste in your group flight thread so everyone is on the same page.

Its not linked from any part of the site but here is the link to it if you want to try it. May contain a few bugs. Please let me know if you find any.

Simbrief to Fpl Page (beta)


A little suggestion:

The selection of Waypoints would be of great help.
Basically you select the waypoint or groups of waypoints that you don’t need and you can delete it. It may look like the IF option to select Replays. It would be of great help because it saves time and now you can only delete the waypoint one by one

Man this is what I looked for so long, as long as we can make waypoint closer than GPS coordinates…
I’m going to try this right now !

I did actually get a similar suggestion the other day, I might consider it sometime soon. For the meantime, you can go to edit the top waypoint of a bunch you want to delete. Hit delete, when you do that the edit box is loaded up for the next waypoint. So you can just keep hitting delete and go down the list without having to hit edit of the next waypoint.