IF Flightplan Tools

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I did meant something like LiveFlight.
I do agree that the LiveFlightApp website is one of the best live trackers for IF, but it could be doing a better job on terms of maintenance. I cant use the app for almost more than a year now (because the choose server menu doesnt prompt up anymore). Also, airplane pictures dont seem to update as regular for the website. Would be nice if someone could do these bugfixes. (but now we are hearing for months that it will be updated…some day).

Just out of curiosity, do you use any other flight trackers for IF (that kind of work just as great)?

And for the configuration page. Maybe you can possible use the data that has been collected and shared in the All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (My New Topic, *Version 20.2, Wiki!)

This should speed things up on the data.

LMK what your thoughts are :)