IF Flightplan Tools

Introducing IF Flightplan Tools!

IF Flightplan Tools

This is my little project I've been working on to learn how to do a bit of coding. I've managed to make 4 webpages that can do some pretty cool things so I thought I'd share it with everyone so that you can use them as well to improve your Infinite flight experience.

Flight Plan Editor

This Webpage allows you to import, edit and export .fpl files. This allows you to create custom flightplans with custom waypoints. Is your favourite procedure not in IF? Well now you can make it.

You can import flight plans in a number of ways,

  • .fpl file
  • Google earth .kml file
  • From any flight on any of IF’s servers
  • Create a brand new one

After you’ve imported a plan, you can change anything about it, identifier, latitude, longitude and altitude. As well as the standard adding/removing/ reordering that you would expect from any good editor.

The editor also gives you the option to create arcs from one waypoint to the next, this is prefect for creating RNP RF legs, and the results look awesome and fun to fly.

Example: NZQN RNP into RWY23

After you are done you can view the result on a built in map, then once you are done, download the flight plan and go have some fun!

Built in map, with a fun flightplan that was drawn using Google Earth

KML Convertor


Found that perfect valley but worried you’ll get lost? Or want to draw a pretty picture in the virtual skies? Simply draw it out on google earth with path tool, export as a KML file then upload to the converter. You’ll receive a fpl file back in no time.

This tool is bare bones, so its easy to use, no more faffing about with copt pasting co ords into a spreadsheet.

Flight Status

Away from your device? Want to quickly check how your flight is getting on? Just search for your flight and you’ll see your estimated time of arrival, with time and distance to destination. You’ll also be able to see how much time you have before your TOD.

On compatible devices you’ll also be able to set notifications based on time or distance to either Destination or TOD

Note - Notifications currently require the webpage to be open (Might not work if it’s not the primary tab open)

Worried your descent might be too steep? Well now you can check with the build in VNAV calculator, just open up the flightplan and you will see your expected VS and altitude at each waypoint. Then change the target altitudes to find the perfect set to nail your descent.

(Changing your ground speed to reflect the speed you will be at is an important part of using this tool)

Live Status

Instead of being jam packed with features, this one is purposely kept simple so you can see the number of aircraft inbound to each airport and whether or not it is currently staffed by IFATC. If the airport is staffed you’ll see who is controlling what frequencies and for how long.

A nice simple page to help you see the status of flights and ATC on the expert server.

I would like to say a massive Thank You! to @Cameron for putting up with me and all my dumb questions. And also to @GHamsz for doing most of the work on the Arc code and basically getting me started with this whole project.


Looks very interesting


Truth! It looks very interesting

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Congratulations on your work. It looks like it was a lot of work.

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Very good 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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This is astonishing work.

Well done!


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you so much for this

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@AdamCallow is there a way to import flight plans from SimBrief or FPLtoIF?


Currently, there isn’t an easy way.

You can download garmin .fpl files though skyvector, so if you open he flightplan up there from simbrief then it will work.


It looks interesting, great work! 👏

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This is very cool! Very interesting too, great job Adam!


This is very cool! I’ll definitely be using this!

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Thanks adam for this website! Is very useful. I have a question, i just downloaded a .klm file (google earth) but for some reason when i open this file i only can see this waypoint, any solution?

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Where did you get the KML file from? It’s likely that in the file the co ords are in different places. Currently it’s only set up to process files when all the waypoints are in one place in the file.

(That might not make too much sense, but KML’s can be set up very differently)

wow very interesting. Will help pilots a lot. thank you

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From simbrief

How can I use it? The truth is, I don’t really understand him, heh, if you could explain me? I would thank you a lot

Ok, I’ll look into how they format their files.

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What part of the site are you trying to use?

Nice, thank you!

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