IF Flight Report: Philippine Airlines (PR105) San Francisco to Manila

Today I completed my first flight on the expert server so I wanted to share this benchmark with a flight report! IRL, the KSFO-RPLL flight holds a special place in my heart because it was the main flight I would do growing up :)

Server: Expert
Time: UTC 08:20 - 22:25
Flight Time: 14 hours, 5 minutes

Hello and welcome to San Francisco International Airport! Today we boarded this Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER with service to Manila!

Everything checked out and we were cleared to taxi to Runway 28L. Because we were at 92% of the max takeoff weight, we used flaps 15 for takeoff and climbed around 2200 ft per minute.

With little traffic we were cleared to takeoff! Our flight today was expected to be 14 hours long so passengers had no choice but to sit back and relax while we climbed to our initial cruising altitude of 30,000ft.

For the first half of the flight, we experienced some significant turbulence because we flew through crosswinds up to 130knots! We were relieved to say that Autopilot did not disengage despite the crazy conditions, and passengers were able to get their rest.

Upon waking from their rest, those seated in rows A, B, and C were treated to a peeking sunrise over the Pacific Ocean as we approached the Philippine islands.

We love to fly but seeing land after 13+ hours in the air over the ocean is a relief! Even better, we had a clear view of the sunrise.

Our descent was smooth because the weather was great. There were no clouds below 23,000 ft and we had visibility for miles! Here we are when we turned base to runway 06 at Manila International Airport.

We arrived shortly after 6AM local time. The ground crew awaited our arrival as we were one of the first arrivals of the day.

After 14 hours over the ocean, we appreciated a smooth landing even though it was a bit off-center 😅.

And there we have it! Our plane taxied to Gate 12 at Terminal 1, and just like that the flight was over. Arriving in Manila via PR105 is so great because the morning arrival gives you the whole day to soak up the sun and beat that jet lag 😁

Thanks for checking in and hope you enjoyed!