IF Flight plans [Full Development!]

Welcome peoples to the new way to get your flight plans. IF flight plans is a in depth website that will transform the way you use flight plans. We are now in full development so I am now creating a proper topic if you guys have any concerns or queries about the website or any suggestions for me.

IF flight plans is a major development from its predecessor using weebly’s tool to its extent. Flight plans are added everyday to keep up with people constantly wanting access to new and unique flight plans.

The website is here www.ifflightplans.co.uk (Redirects to the weebly site).

Adsense is now removed due to the unanimous decision on the polls.

Features Include:

Image containing the map and location of waypoints for the flight plan.

Text to show the waypoints that are used for that particular flight plan.

A button that links to the Flight plan Database webpage to view your flight in greater detail before you depart.

Flight plan Database number for anyone who wants to use Liveflight Connect’s autonav function they can.

Donators are able to send me emails on my personal account for personalized flight plans.
Donators also get weekly emails containing the current best flight plans and recommended ones.

Still to come in following updates:

Audio readouts of flightplans (Premium feature for donators).

Options for casual or realistic flightplans.

Trending flightplans (Based on how many times a button is pressed).

This can happen quicker if you help us out. I’m looking for trustworthy editors who can replicate what i’m doing and is able to use weebly.


Nice work! But why bother with a premium url if all it does is redirect? Why not assign your url to the Weebly page?


Ah well to assign it I need to get a starter account. For that it costs £38.40 so I need donations of atleast that amount before I connect it to the weebly page and im not going to go all in yet.

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You can add the url to the free account.

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trying to sort that now it will take sometime though

Can’t at this time have to contact support as the ip adress is not going through

Oh, okay. Hope all goes well.


I see you added a whole lot more routes since I last visited it - very nice!! Thank you.

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it’ll keep updating daily until I finish every region where I can then expand into different types of flight plans

Hawaii is added and the Recommended flight plans for Tonights turbulent tuesday is available from the home page

London is finished as well as an interesting route under EGHI go check it out!

Right Its been a while but im back

So I’ve been away for a while. On 2nd January my mum was diagnosed with cancer. Its curable but I decided to put everything aside to help her out and to be with her. I shall be continuing this next weekend and will be updating it ASAP. Hopefully my flightplans shall continue to benefit the community. I’ve also set up a shop to help raise money for a new bike so I can ride further and be independent whilst my mum is resting. https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/westernapparel?noCache=true

Thanks guys for the support!


Wishing your mom gets better soon. Take care.

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Thanks bro

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