[IF] Expressway Visual Approach RWY31 at LaGuardia

Hey, my new video about this nice approach at New York - LaGuardia
Let me know guys, what you think
Please don’t close this topic, I did lots of work on this video

Edit software: Sony Vegas 13

Below is approach map


Well executed approach and visual, my friend! The multiple camera angles in the video were definitely a nice touch as well.

Hope to see more videos like this in the future not just from you, but other video creators too. I always enjoy simulating real world procedures, like this one, in Infinite Flight. Cannot wait to do more of them when global comes out! :)


Dang it, you beat me @Nathan! Took every word out of my mouth. Great video!


Very good liked and nice recording ,video grafic was very good , looked like real life plane cabin. Good work

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Great video. I’m always afraid that I’ll stall out on the turn and crash below. Unfortunately the plane would be way too big for a Mets outfielder at Citi Field to catch 😜


absolutely fantastic approach


Wow! It gets you perfectly lined up with the runway! Nice video!

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Great video! Love to see those visual approaches

On another note, I noticed you stole some sounds in the end from another video using the PMDG 737

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Nice catch. Yes it’s PMDG :D

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