IF events!

I just want to take a moment to say that I appreciate everyone who consistently participates in events and ATC threads (especially IFATC members), I have a friend on IF (@KBUR_Aviation) and they are constantly making new events and I almost always see @IF787 signed up for @KBUR_Aviation’s events and many more and I just wanted to give them a shout out, @IF787 for participating and @KBUR_Aviation for making so many events

Also here is one of @KBUR_Aviation’s events (you should check it out its pretty cool)


Appreciate the appreciation for others, but if we had every single person shouting out others, perhaps the forum would become a bit…cluttered?

Feel free to show your appreciation in the event thread, via a PM, or on your preferred social media platform!

So I should change it to the events thread right?

If you’d like to show your appreciation to an event creator or advertise his/her event, use the event thread, or if you want to show some love, send a nice PM :)

This is nice to do because it helps keep the forum clutter to a minimum. We see a lot of topics made on a daily basis. The more that we’re able to have folks consolidate and show their appreciation for and event or feature or whatever the case may be, the better. It helps us out a ton! 🙂

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