IF Event Schedule Thread

Hey everyone!

Part of why I made this thread is after seeing the number of fly outs for February 1st. 5 whopping flyouts!!! Anyways, to the point…

I had made a post long back about the event scheduling in the IFC. Now, after this February 1st chaos, I thought of implementing a new system.

Whenever you plan to have an event, just drop a post below saying the following:

  • Server
  • Airport(s) of event
  • Date & Time

And if you already have a thread,

  • Add the link to your thread.

Please make sure to see if any other events are taking place on the same day and time, as this could be helpful for many people to attend multiple events in a day.

I have just made this thread to make it easier for other event creators to decide events.


I have counted 6 events on the first.

I have been trying to keep this calendar up to date which was started by @Jeffrey1o2. The calendar option I would say is a tad bit more of a cleaner option. But im biased as hell as I add events to it all the time XD


I might make a website and add a calendar. Then people can let us know their events here and we can input over there


Anyways, if anybody has an event, let us know below. This will help with keeping scheduling organized.