If Etihad Airways order an 737 from Boeing


My question might look stupid, but anyways, let’s say that Etihad Airways want an 737-900, they will order it from Boeing… so the 737 is created IN the USA, but how they will bring it to the UAE since the 737 isn’t a long-flight plane (= a plane for short flight, not 10/11 hours)?

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English isn’t my main language.

My guess it flies from Seattle to Somewhere in Russia or China for a fuel stop then it flies to Abu Dhabi… Great questain

It’s like the little international A318 from BA’s fleet, it refuels in Ireland after it takes off from EGLC before continuing on to KJFK.

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Empty planes have a lot more range than full ones, less fuel burn, and without passengers, they have more operating weight for fuel.

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Come on man!! Don’t you stop at services for break for long road trip? It’s same like that. But China and Russia way out of UAE. For ex. they can do stop over at UK or France, it’s 6hr flight from here.

You could go even further: A C172 needs to be ferried over to europe, so it makes scort legs refuels and hops to the next airport. The 737 would probably need to make two or three stops at new York, then iceland then austria maybe and then to abu dhabi. An empty aircraft can fly much further than a full one ;)

Maybe more regional places like Rome or tel aviv (regional from Middle East)

South African Airways would be worse.

Airplanes can do stopovers on delivery flights. For example, Gander and Reykjavik can be used for TransAtlantics. Tons of 737s bound for Asia fly via Honolulu.

West jet flies 737 700s from Halifax to Dublin and Glasgow without any stopovers. If they wanted a plane with a lower range from America let’s say they wanted to buy a second hand dash 8 it would usually fly from Halifax to Nuuk (Greenland) then To Reykjavik then to Europe😄 (it might have to make two stops in Greenland like Narsarsuaq I’m not sure😄)

I can’t see that as being commercially viable honestly. There are already quick connections and direct flights that exist.

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