IF Entertainment and Fun Flights!

Hello it’s 787boy here. Today I have finished an active YouTube channel. It is called Aviation Lover! Please subscribe! I made two videos that are coming out today. The Cessna 172 landing and the IFM life one. Please Subscribe and leave a like!

-Officilal Channel



That’s sounds cool! It’s a great video. ;) Just modify the link to your video. It’s not correct because it redirect you to you own account.


Ok will do.

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It is fixed!



Guys go check out my new video called IFM life. Coolest Video ever starting with calm music and endive in epicness!

@787boy Awesome job! What editor do you use?

iMovie it works pretty well.

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Did you see my IFM vid?

Yes both! Awesome job.

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Did you sub?

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Like it and very nice. Looks like the IF YouTubing here in the forums is getting higher.

Yes. Also do I have a profile pic?

Yeah You do I think.

Ok good. New vid we be out tomorrow.

There will be no video uploaded today because two where released yesterday.

Hey guys I’m back. I totally broke my promise about uploading. I will be back on schedual. Thank your for everyone who has subscribes it is very appreciated. What do you guys want to see next?

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