If.EnglandYT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @EGCC & @EGNM

No worries!

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Overall good session, just a few things to work on.

• When you told me to turn right and contact ground due to traffic on final when I came in to land the second time you told me way too late. I’m not sure if it was a slip of a finger but there was no need for that as I was doing touch and go pattern work so there’s no need for me to use a lot of time and runway as I just touch the main gears on the runway for a bit then take off.

• Maybe try to vector me a bit more as we did have unknown traffic coming into to Manchester so if you just told me to extend my downwind or something like that I wouldn’t get too close to the plane in front of me. But I was coming in at a lower speed when I turned my base so it was fine.

• How come you asked me to turn right and contact ground when I came into land for my final time before you closed. I would’ve told you that I was coming in for the final time when I would’ve said: “G-VEDJ is on left base Runway 23R, full stop”. This tells you that I’m stopping pattern work. Then you can tell me to turn right and contact ground and all of that ground stuff when I am on final or landed.
I have no idea what VT-AMP was doing but thank you for not spamming him too much with messages. It is the TS after all so there is a lot of unprofessionalism there.

So there are some things to work on but you know the ATC interface well and you know what to reply with quickly (I would take forever trying to find the right message to respond with 😂). Also good tower work as well. Maybe if we had a couple more of us then you would get a good variety of comments from us pilots. Keep working, you are doing very well. Good luck weird the rest.

Kind regards

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Yea there was nothing I could do about him at all… Training server vibes I guess 🙄😂

Thanks for the rest of the feedback! I’ll keep working on this

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I wish we had a server dedicated to ATC training. It would seem farfetched though.

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Ahhh! I see.

Yeah so when someone says: “[callsign] is on [pattern leg] full stop” it means that they are stopping pattern work and returning to the airport to land and not to do a touch and go.

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Sorry I couldn’t join! The bus was delayed 🙄

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No worries! 😉

You should IFATC! You have a lot of knowledge.


Haha thanks for the kind words. I would but the thing is I am getting closer and closer to many important events in my life (loads of exams). Although I could now I don’t think I’ll perform well as things get more serious for me. Maybe after they are done then I’ll consider as it is a cool thing to do and I love organising things so maybe in the long term I could. I was planning on joining a VA but that has other things to commit to like flying every month which I don’t think I can commit to when I’m a bit older and big exams start. I do like to have knowledge of this as I am interested in ATCing (if that’s a term 😂). Plus there are loads of commands and with the amount of traffic that IFATC deal with I don’t think I can find the right command for each plane as there are loads and I take a long time to find them.

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Feel free to ping me too whenever you open next, I’d be happy to come! ◡̈

Your added!

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Believe it or not there is. But you have to be a IFATC trainee to join it.

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