If.EnglandYT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @EGCC & @EGNM

Greetings Everyone :)

Welcome to my official ATC tracking thread.

I am making this thread because I am wanting to practice my ATC skills on the Training Server before I apply for IFATC in roughly September time once I’m 14.


Status: Open

Details (EGCC)
Server Airport Departing Runways Landing Runways Frequencies Pattern Speed
Training EGCC 23L 23R Ground & Tower 210kts

Details (EGNM)
Server Airport Departing Runway Landing Runway Frequencies Pattern Speed
Training EGNM 32 32 Tower 210kts

Please let me know If you want to be Pinged

Thank you! :)

EGCC will be open 2024-04-16T15:45:00Z2024-04-16T16:15:00Z for 30 Minutes

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I thought you were already in IFATC? Am I crazy? 🤣

Nope! I’m not :)

Interesting, well I’ll be at school when you open tomorrow. I’ll see if I can stop by next time.

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Ah alright! This thread will remain open for quite a bit so your welcome to come again soon :)

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Expect me to join in one day 🗿

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Brilliant! Would you like me to add you to the ping list @Southwest_2115

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Sure go ahead

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I might be able to join tomorrow for a bit

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Would you like to be added to the ping list?

Yeah sure but my school is starting in a few days so I might make weekends. You can add me to the ping list.

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Okay 👍 You have been added :)

Add me to the ping list, please. :)

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Your on! :)

You may add me to the ping list as well. I will join whenever possible :)

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Brilliant! Your on the list :)

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EGCC is now open! Join if you wish :)

@thatualavgeek Please ask these questions in DMs.

Also, @Southwest_2115 Does not want to be in your ping list.

Many thanks

EGCC is now Closed. EGNM might be opened next week but it depends on my schedule.