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I have bought a Pro Subscription and tried connect my IF to discord but it won’t work. It sends me to blank screen and asks my password which i give, and says nothing afterwards .
I joined the server and didnt get full access. It has been a few hours since i joined and still nothing.

Device: IPhone 11
Operating system: IOS 14.4.2

As mentioned you should allow for 24 hours to be given access to all chanels, after 24 hours PM @moderators.

Alright i’ll do that, just thought it was strange since members who joined after i joined got there roles you know.

I’d also recommend re checking you acount linking details as they might be wrong, that happen with me.

i have been using the same one for a long time now but i’ll also do that.

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My password details are correct, im starting think it was a problem with connecting from infinite flight instead of with the bot which gives me the roles.

I ment on infinite flight in the link account section

I dont really understand. What linking details?

Go to settings > Acount and it’s should be there

If you haven’t linked it yet it could be why you haven’t been given access yet.

Welp. It just says this

Ahhh that explains it, just press connect and you should be good

that’s the problem. It doesn’t connect when i do press it

Blank screen

Do you have discord on the device where you are doing this?

Got discord on the same device thus why it asks me my password details of discord. I just have to click on a blue button it activates face ID and brings me to a blank screen

Alright after this thr is nothing I can do to help you, I would recommend pming @schyllberg as he is the official support staff member.

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