IF Discord

I’ve had a bit of trouble getting into the Discord server.
I cant login, if I try to login it says its not able to open it due server error.
My Discord is linked to my IF but i cant seem to get in
Has anyone else had this problem?


Send the link via pm to a bot and then click join (discord.gg/infiniteflight)

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I had to be more clear but the issue is that I dont have permission to go to General cause my IF doesnt work with my discord for some reason

Ah okay, when did you connected Discord to your acc?

It can take up to 24 hours for your IF account to finish linking with your discord account, although it is usually a lot shorter. If after 24 hours it isn’t working, contact the staff for more support at support@infiniteflight.com.

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Some days back

Just leave and rejoin, it always works.

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