If devs need to take over iffg!


I know but these groups that everyone is in doesn’t make us any more important than everyone else! Let’s not forget this is a simulator! These groups are more for identity or entertainment rather trying to create a higherarkee! Let’s not get too tangled with this any more and besides topic wise probably not the best!
Get the brush and shovel, put this in the bin and move on


We should stick to facts and data. This is NOT a Facebook account for negativity. Please keep to the structure provided here by the Admins


Jesus bloody christ it’s just a Facebook group. Don’t get so huffy because you were banned for a week because of some mistake you very likely made that you didn’t understand or refuse to accept.

They are admin because they are willing and able to govern a group. They are not inexperienced or stupid.

Review the situation(s) you were in that made you hate IFFG and see if you can see their side of the story.

If you still can’t find their side and decide to continue hating them, then just leave-YOu don’t need to do anything else. No need to publicly rant with the little group of haters. I doubt people on here want to read about some complaining over such a trivial issue and would just join IFFG because they like to fly.


@Boeing707 well said

IFFG and other groups on Facebook actually try to work together to bring the community together. Not being in those groups do not make you any different nor do we treat you any different. Nobody is an enemy (except maybe those that pirate infinite flight) and nobody is more superior.

You may dislike IFFG and that is fine, we can’t please everyone. We do our best to educate our members on to be a good pilot and more recently how to follow ATC and even how to become a good ATC.

If you don’t like a group, just leave it and forget about it. Don’t go to other forums bashing the leadership of that group and ruin it’s reputation. Just leave it and drop it like its hot.

Happy flying and clear skies to you all!

-IFFG admin-


Well said by all who contributed positively! Now I think it’s time this case was closed!

@Swang007 would you do the honours!


@matt @philippe


Jay already covered a fair bit of it, but to add to discussion - we have a great community at IFFG. It wasn’t and never will be an ‘exclusive’ club of any sort. It was from the very beginning just a place for everyone to come and talk Infinite Flight.

The community has grown significantly since its first day and we needed to set some rules in place. Some people liked it, some didn’t - that’s life. I see a lot of posts of ‘based on feedback here I would/I wouldn’t’ - personally, I’d recommend coming over and checking it out for yourself.

We welcome anyone, but we encourage constructive posts that add something to the discussion. There are no more egos there than in any other online community, frankly.


Nothin wrong with IFFG I think it’s a great page, some really good stuff on there and I think jay has done a great job at makeong the page what it is today, “however” I do not like the whole of infinite flight together, including all the pages and virtual airlines and gangs, I think it just a big criticism game an like Somone said said befor if you don’t fly with a flag, your just a foe,
That is just my opinion, and because I do not agree with what IF has become, I will be leaving every page, group and the game itself at the end of this week
Nobody has done anything wrong for me to leave but that’s just the way I feel about it


20 hoirs go look on the leader boards they all have lots pf hours daily because there no lifes


Exactly the criticism I’m talking about


Be careful how you word your posts my friend! Not everyone hates IFFG! Make sure you can leave a post without someone barking up your tree saying your being stereotypical about “everyone” just sayin! And don’t bark at me because you might think I’m telling you how to use English because I’m not! Just trying to save your ass from getting shots fired at it!


Guys, lets keep this civil.

Please avoid any post aimed at any specific individual or group (in the broad sense of the word); this will only end in a flamewar. This forum is for fun and friendly conversation around IF.

Let’s show the world that we can build a great community that guide newcomers, always de-escalate situations and make everyone experience the best it can be.


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I’m all for fan groups etc, but I don’t understand why people put it into their call sign or screen name? In all honesty, I don’t actually have any respect for these groups as you obviously don’t need any credentials to join. Day after day I see people with IFFG or IFEP or something, completely oblivious to rules and even the most basic of aviation knowledge. I watch them unable to get a 737 off the ground in 2 knots of wind without spearing off the runway and getting no lift and crashing due to taking off with no flaps, rotating at like 90 knots, with no strobe lights?

I’m not personally attacking any of these groups, in theory I like the idea, but when people are just putting the groups into their names on their second flight after joining a Facebook is just killing any credibility the group has in my opinion and almost becomes an embarrassment…


If people enjoy belonging to a community, why not display it? They’re not forcing anyone else to do anything, after all. It’s entirely up to the user at that point


Well ifep has leader ship amd has mostly expirenced pilots in both real life and in if


Yeah we do!


Kevin, where do I start? First of all (even tho I’ve had my bad experiences with IFFG and my differences woth some admins (who think they’re god Names not mentioned) IFFG still is a pretty nice group. Second of all. Please do not insult Jay, he’s a great guy and probably the fairest of the whole admin team. Thirdly the devs will totally not take over IFFG. They may have some influence but this group is owned by jay rex solis and you can’t just “steal” it from him. Also the devs don’t want to take it ocer. That’d be an organisatoric nightmare.
Instead of searching the faults by the others try and look at yourself for a sec. Could it be you whose fault it is that the admins need to take actiond?


I expect a pilot to behave a certain way if “iffg” is stamped by his name. For instance, I was controlling on advanced server in Honolulu and had a pilot not following instructions. I know him from iffg group so I ghosted for session and sent him pm. He just bought live and had never used atc. I coached him and now he will enjoy multiplayer features and gameplay. My point, that’s what it is all about (iffg) a place for players and fans to help each other and better understand IF.