If devs need to take over iffg!


To be honest don’t join! The admins their are horrible. They nees a real admin group who is really good, not like the IFFG horribe admins. First I would love to blame Jay “Rec” Solis. He is the worst admin of all, this group is the way it is because of him a REC. He hardly ever keeps up with tbe group. His horrible leadership is just a mess. He doesnt care about any other people in the group execpt his special admins! He banns people for the dumbest reasons, he doesnt care really he is one of those people who no one likes. Next is his lousy stupid admins. Hate them, all I hear from anyone is, “I HATE IFFG” The admins are horrible, they jaye you basically everyone their has a horrible attitude. They also call it a free to post page but hardly when I post one of the horrible admins comes and, takes it down, or basicly he mentions you in a post To Take The Post Down! Reason’s why? Idk the IFFG group need to be shutdown and give owner ship to the FDS And Matt Lib. Why because this group is a shame to IF. IF Please take over the group!!! Please Matt Lib

IFFG Group

Jay Rex Solis owns about three or four groups. I totally agree with you


It’s just a Facebook group. Who cares?


It has 13,000 members


Hes one of the no lifes that get 20 hours flight time a day


Great. Keep complaining. Jay is a good guy. Yea he’s the leader but did you think that he has a family to take care of, friends to hang out with, and a job!? He’s an outstanding guy and works his tail off for this group. You want the devs to take over IFFG? First off, it’s a FAN group. If you don’t want to be there then leave. It’s not an official page and truthfully the admins could care less. They have to deal with people like you everyday. If the devs were to even take it over, did you think of their families and the time they put into Infinite Flight? Your updates would be 6 months later than you would want. If you have a problem with the way things are run then leave. Simple as that.


Wow Kevin Soto, I have a terrible attitude? Well now I will just because you said I did, congratulations. If you hate IFFG so much, leave it! Both you and Bob Smith!


It also helps to read and follow group rules as well. Just saying. Nowhere does it say you are free to post what you want. You can if its IF related 😏


It’s actually 14,168 members. But hey, obviously facts are optional.


Ive said it before and I’ll say it again! Talk via PM don’t make a public post! I’m not involved in IFFG however I am an IFEP and chief Admin for ATCPC and I find no problem with the group! We are productive proffesional and we look out for people on the forum!

We are not bad guys but we just help you out when yall need a shoulder to lean on!


Ok what were you banned from the group for? It’s pretty obvious you feel bitter about something. It is like reading a bad review on eBay or Amazon from a 3rd grader. “Their nees to be more better peepole that are real good and not horrble…”


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If you don’t like IFFG then leave the group and join IFEP! Much better leadership.


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I know! Cliques are alright until you get people who don’t care! That’s when the s*** hits the fan!


I’ve been wondering about this for a while now. Why are these gangs even allowed in IF? After reading about the dev’s vision for IF, I’m under the impression that this game is for everyone young to old, novice to professional… ext. Exclusive clubs go against that vision!

To me seeing people fly their flags in IF feels like a cheap Indicator Friend or Foe system, and if you do not have a flag you are automatically a foe.

(I know most people flying flags on this forum are good people that help out and are passionate about seeing IF get even better. So absolutely no offense is intended!)


I think this forum entirely related to Infinite-Flight app and its community run by the developers. Outside this forum anyone can open Fan/VA group. Those groups run by passionate people who loves IF. I don’t think Mr. Phillipe/Matt will be pleased to see we are discussing topic other then IF. I’m not member of any of them and I don’t know your nature of the problem with the group. Those problem should have been discussed within the group not here. Pls post topic related to Infinte-Flight.


None taken! Guess it’s just like a ranking system! It kinda gives you goals to work to if you catch my drift!